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  • Is the sound affected by the ornaments?
    The design on the top is mainly used for its protection. It is a pick guard. It affects the sound very little because it is put in an area where we put the cross bass of the soundboard. The bouzoukis with black soundboard are painted black. There is no pick guard material below the bridge area.
  • Should I choose a prime or a bass instrument?

    Finally, I want to say a few words about sound quality. I have two basic building methods. One has emphasis on the clarity of sound and projection, whereas the other one has emphasis in the middles but with less clarity and heavier on the bass. Some people think that the second method produces sweeter and more romantic sound. Definitely, the first method produces better recording instrument. It is up to the customer the decision of what sound prefers.

  • How can I be sure that I will be acoustically satisfied by the instrument I choose

    The instruments I construct are acoustically and structurally guaranteed.

    From my experience in building customized instruments for the past 35 years, I have come to the conclusion about what characterizes the sonority of a top quality bouzouki:

    1. Power

    2. Sustain

    3. Uniformity of sound from string to string

    4. Uniformity of sound from note to note on each string

    5. Ease of playing

    6. Sympathetic resonances

    7. Clarity of sound

    8. Sound quality and projection on the second octave

    9. Fast response and sensitivity

    10. Quality of sound

    I make sure that every instrument that comes out of my shop has at the very least nine out of these ten characteristics. If any instrument does not meet my standards, I will not ship it. I will construct a new one.

  • May I order an instrument having an ornament not included in your own collection of decoration?
    Yes, you can order any ornament you like provided it is included in my collection.  


  • In addition to PayPal, how can I pay?

    By money transfer to the following bank accounts:

    Bank account in euro




    IBAN: GR89 0140 3440 3440 0210 1034 471


    Bank account in dollars




    IBAN: GR69 0140 3440 3440 1510 0000 660